HotHouse Media

We help you...

Accelerate time-to-market.

Mitigate risk.

Plan based on market realities.

Reach key decision makers.

Make your product a success.

An industry leader since 2002, HotHouse Media specializes in helping media companies grow and thrive.

Having successfully modeled, programmed, launched, distributed, marketed and sold more than 200 media-related products, HotHouse Media will work with you from product development and positioning to market assessment and deployment...and every phase in between.

Project Strategy

Identify your primary audience and position you to best reach them. Advise you on optimal pricing, packaging and distribution outlets.

Business Plans
& Financial Modeling

Maximize the opportunity by assessing key market realities:

Market size; growth rate and profitability; operating structure and cost assumptions; distribution channel costs; market trends; and critical success factors.

Market Assessment
& Competitive Analysis

Use product strategy to define the best distribution platforms. Craft realistic market entry and growth strategies to leverage product strengths and differentiate your business.

Content Licensing

Help drive your business via multiple screens. Generate growth and revenue by aggregating and licensing content for use across linear, VOD, online and mobile platforms.

Marketing & Sales Collateral
Development & Execution

Develop the right materials with the right messages. Build supplemental consumer and trade marketing plans. Provide creative resources for tactical development and execution.

Distribution Sales
& Management

Full cycle support. Define initial product licensing terms, identify key contacts, facilitate sales pitches, manage contract negotiations, spearhead subsequent distribution efforts, oversee all post-licensing account management needs, and more.